F-16 shelter Eglin aircrat on flightline-March 2011

Fabric Shelters for Military Applications

Although we work with clients spanning a wide range of industries, our custom fabric shelters are particularly useful in military applications. Big Top Manufacturing’s shelters are easily transported in standard ISO shipping containers; they’re designed to be modular, making air transport easy; and on train, they can be consolidated to three pallets. We take pride in being able to ship our fabric structures worldwide, both quickly and economically.

Our fabric structures are multipurpose, and they’re commonly used on military bases to provide convenient, weather resistant space for aircraft maintenance and repair areas. They create humidity-controlled, temporary storage space for military equipment, aircraft, vehicles and items that need to be secured and environmentally controlled.

Convenient Ordering of Military Fabric Shelters

Big Top’s fabric shelters can be purchased on government credit cards or from our GSA contract, making us a convenient option for military fabric shelters. Because our building solutions are considered “temporary shelter structures,” they don’t count against military base square footage requirements. They’re easily relocatable, making necessary changes and base moves much easier.

From design of your fabric structure to erection, we provide a total solution source for military applications.

Proprietary Fabric Structure Design

Big Top Manufacturing’s proprietary design system helps to keep temperatures controlled, and our accessories mean you can customize your shelter to keep your aircraft, equipment or personnel optimally housed.

In fact, our aircraft hangars have been installed all over the world, in various weather conditions, and their design has proven dependable. Se we can truly say we have provide very high quality military fabric structures.

Some of the advantages of Big Top’s Flight Line sunshades and military fabric structures include:

  • A 50 to 90 degree temperature reduction during summer months, plus humidity controlled interiors
  • Proven successful across all branches of the military
  • Designed to accommodate a range of military aircraft, vehicles and equipment, even fixed or rotor wing aircraft are accommodated
  • Lightning protection is available as many of our steel-framed structures are erected in open areas
  • For night operations, we provide several electrical systems to accommodate your needs

Big Top’s Military Maintenance Shelters

  • For avionics, AGE, military aircraft and vehicles, we provide corrosion protection shelters
  • Deployable Large Maintenance Shelter Systems have been our specialty for decades
  • We design with quick installation and take down in mind

Compact after being deconstructed, our fabric buildings can be transported easily and efficiently to remote locations worldwide.

For whatever military application need or special challenge you’re facing on a base or a ship, we are committed to helping you design the custom fabric building solution you need.